Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mary the Mother of God

January 1, is the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God.  As Catholics we are *obligated to attend Mass on this day in order to properly worship Our Lord and give praise for the gift of His Holy Mother.  This feast celebrates Mary as the God-bearer or in Greek "Theotokos".  Jesus is God and Mary is the Mother of Jesus therefore she is the Mother of God.  This title was made holy by the Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D. in defense of the Nestorian heresy that Mary was only the mother of the Human Jesus and not the Divine.  The truth is that Jesus cannot be divided or separated, He is both human and Divine at once.

As the Mother of God, the Creator of all things, Mary holds a prominent position of importance for Catholics but this is meant for all.  All people are called to adore God, likewise all people are called to love His Mother whom He chose from all women to bear His human life and to share in His work of salvation.   Mary wants to bring us to Jesus, it is as simple as that.  So incline your heart towards the heart of Mary the Mother of God for she loves your beautiful soul and desires it to rest in the presence of The Blessed Trinity for all eternity. 

*The obligation has been removed this year since the Holy Day falls on a Saturday and it seems the bishops of the Church do not believe Catholics will attend Mass two days in a row.  So as to not lead us into mortal sin, the bishops remove the obligation.  COME ON!!!  Are we really that lazy?  If so, I am sad for that and my New Year's resolution is to become more devout. 

Holy Motherhood

Today my husband and I brought our six children to Mass to celebrate the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God.  I was very struck by the call to a holy motherhood.  Some of us have been blessed with many children while others struggle to conceive.  

I listened to the beautiful voice of a woman who carries the life of a child within her womb while I know another woman weeps for the baby she would bury later in the day.  I held my baby tight in my arms, my heart both grateful and devastated each time he said "Momma".  For many of us we take for granted the gift of motherhood God has blessed us with while other women are permitted the cross of infertility and loss of their unborn babies.  Each of us are called to be holy, that I know!  What about motherhood?  Why is it reserved for some and not others?  Or are those who cannot bear forth fruit called to a spiritual holy motherhood?  Oh Mary, comfort and pray for us all...

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