Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Toy Museum

Hutches are a fun way to hold all of those precious items we want to keep safe from the sweet little hands we love (but are capable of so much destruction) while at the same time displaying our treasures to family and friends.  There are endless ways to paint or stain your hutch whether it be antique or new and who says a hutch is only for china?  My hutch was purchased for $75 at an auction; I painted it and filled it with toys that are extra-special to me, my husband and our children.  We call it "The Toy Museum" and every Christmas Eve our children are allowed to take out the toys to play with them, as long as they are treated with love!!!


  1. hey! I hope you don't mind...I hooked you up at jenn's hutch party...

  2. What a great storage piece and and great use~! It's nice to have you at the party! :)