Monday, May 9, 2011

The Summer To Do List...

Yeah!!!!  My summer (for work) has officially begun with the passing of this week.  First Communion for the 2nd grade cuties went well, except after the children received Holy Communion they began to misbehave when they were at their seats (waving to people in the church, most girls flipping their veils over their heads, boys talking to one another among other things).  What may have appeared entertaining and adorable to others, to us adults who were "in charge", we never experienced a wild show like that before.  Well except for the little boy a few years ago who began to undress as he was about to leave the church.  WHEW!  What a job I have...

So, now that summer has officially begun, my massive To Do List holds so much promise!  I love this time of year, I feel so relaxed and hope-filled.  If I can completely kick this 3 week long cold and get the momentum I had before it struck, I will successfully check every item off my list of things to accomplish this summer.

  • Painting 6 rooms
  • Decorating 4 bedrooms (on a dime, mind you)
  • Organizing 13 years of family photos
  • Weeding the file cabinets
  • Weeding the garden (not my favorite thing to do)
  • Improving my blog
  • Cleaning my office
  • Re-arranging the chapel & classrooms at work
  • Updating the Library at work
  • Finding the bottom of my "To Do" stack for work that has built up throughout the school year - YIKES!
  • Working on the Christmas gift for my brother and sisters - top secret
  • And at the top of my list is losing 15 lbs.

But even more important that losing the weight and getting all those tasks completed is spending time at the pool with my children and good friends, my husband and children and I taking our nightly walks around the neighborhood, and spending time together making wonderful summer memories.

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